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fall creek falls

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Cozy Cabins & Cottages is located only 5 miles from the South Entrance to Fall Creek Falls State Park - THE PHONE NUMBERS ON THIS SITE ARE NOT FOR THE PARK! They are our phone numbers... for COZY CABINS & COTTAGES!

Park History

In 1935, the National Park Service proposed the creation of Fall Creek Falls State Park situated in both Van Buren and Bledsoe Counties. The original plans were to include the entire Cane Creek Gulf watershed, but only 15,777 acres of land were purchased from local farmers centering on the upper portion of the Cane Creek and Fall Creek watersheds. Workers from the Works Progress Administration began construction of the park in 1936, and by 1944 the management of the park was turned over to the fledgling Tennessee Department of Conservation. In the early stages of the park, development was kept to a minimum. The rustic park was a destination for hikers, hunters, bicyclists, swimmers, and other nature lovers. Camping was in an open field; groups could also stay in Youth Camp One, which was built around 1938.

Cane Creek Falls  Cane Creek Cascades

An instrumental person in the development of Fall Creek Falls as a state park was James Taft, a teacher, Boy Scout leader, and preacher, who lived in the area. Taft quickly recognized the value of the area as a park and began his lobbying efforts to see it set aside for the public. Through his passionate insistence about the possibilities for this land, James Taft helped get the area set aside as a state park.

The park now covers 22,000 acres of land.

The park was used as one of the primary filming locations for the Disney live action movie, The Jungle Book.

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Fall Creek Falls State Park is home to one of Tennessee's finest public golf courses. In 1984, 1988, and 1990, the course named one of the top public courses to play in the nation by Golf Digest magazine.

John Lee designed this course in 1972 to blend in beautifully with the natural splendor of Fall Creek Falls. The rolling hills, forests, wildlife and challenging layout make this course enjoyable by all.

The course length ranges from the 4417 yard red tees to the
blue tees at 6669 yards. 71 is par for the course.

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